April 25, 2016

Ever since Instagram became a thing, I was fast jumping on the train, getting really obsessed over cool patterns, colors, people who could put together a great outfit I couldn't even dream of (and Lily Collins).
I follow quite a few people (more than socially acceptable, but hey, that's another story) and I can proudly say I also happen to follow some really awesome people (yes, Jamie Campbell Bower, I'm looking at you!).

I have a few favourites (and by "favourites" what I really mean is "people I like to stalk all day, every day, liking every picture the post. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.") and even though five is not even close to the number of all my favourite ones, it'll do for today.

So get ready to hit that follow button!

@ABEAUTIFULMESS aka Elsie and Emma
Their blog is just a work of art and every picture is to die for. They share some pretty cool DIY, great recipes, amazing home decors and just everything beautiful.

Una foto pubblicata da Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess) in data:

Just because I can't ever have enough of pretty patterns, colors and awesome home decor, here's another one of those Instagram accounts that steals my heart every time it shows up on my feed.
Seriously, follow her, you can thank me later.

Young, beautiful and comes from Australia. Brooke travels the world on a daily basis and watching her while eating ice-cream in Italy, or having breakfast in France gives me the chills. She's basically living everybody's dream, and she does, in fact, live out of a suitcase.

Una foto pubblicata da Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) in data:

 @LUANNA90 aka Luanna Perez-Garreaud 
She is the face behind "Le Happy" blog. Based in New York (already a bonus), Lua is one of those fashion blogger I look up to. Stylish af, her feed is full of red hair, black jeans, awesome band t-shirts and the coolest New York backgrounds. 

Una foto pubblicata da Lua (@luanna90) in data:

 @AMBERFILLERUP aka Amber Fillerup Clark
Every time I look at her Instagram, my heart skips a beat (or two). She is the braid goddess and the coolest mom ever (also, her kids are so effin adorable, I just can't stop scrolling through her feed).

 So, here you have it, my top 5 Instagram accounts. Tell me if you are already following them and if not, give them a follow, your feed won't regret it!

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