April 17, 2016

As much as I love blogging and discovering new blogs I quickly become obsessed with, nothing beats the feeling of having a new shiny, smelly book in your hands.

I'm a bookworm, this is not a secret, and what we do best, other than reading an enormous amount of books, is buying them.
Buying books is an art; you see, you have to be captured by the cover, then the plot, and if the price is reasonable, even better. When you start buying them, you can't stop. You like watching them in their natural habitat (a.k.a. your bookshelves) and add even more just for your satisfaction.

But then, they start piling, one on top of another and eventually you start realising that you really want to read them, even if that means your favourite series is coming to an end, or that you have to wait until next year for the sequel. It hurts but the bookworm that's inside you has the best, and before you even realise what you're doing, you are already into that new story you know it's gonna eat you alive and make you feel poorly for the next few days (if you're lucky).

Now, since I have accumulated a good amount of books, it is time to go through them before buying more. The hot season is coming and it would be nice of me to just read what I already have before getting lost in some YA with the strong summer aftertaste.

Here's the list:

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