June 08, 2016

I have this thing where every month I write in my journal a list of good things that happened during those thirty or so days.
It's kind of therapeutic to me, going through all the nice things that do actually happen in real life but that most of the time are just shadowed by bad thoughts.
Even if it's just a book I read or some word someone spoke, it's nice to remind yourself that not everything is destined to be bad and that yes, nice, heartwarming stuff do actually happen.

1. The weather is definitely changing. Damn, I'm basically on fire (and not in a sexy way, believe me!);
2. I baked. For being someone who doesn't go crazy over sweets, I made muffins, and quite honestly, they were actually pretty damn good. (Take that Bake Off!);
3. Out of my reading slump I go! (This is actually a real deal! I've been wanting to read and finish some books so bad but couldn't bring myself to do it. So, YAY me!);
4. A Publishing House sent me a book. I repeat: A freaking Publishing House sent me a book!! How awesome is that? Yes, yes, I know, a lot of you get free stuff all the time but you have to understand that free books are the way to my heart. So yes, pretty exciting!
5. I went pretty crazy over the new "The 1975" album. The title itself is just too beautiful to put into words, I mean, how can you not buy something that's called "I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it". If it were a book I would have bought it immediately. And that says a lot.
6. I've been thinking a lot about some major plot for my book. Yes, I'm writing but got stuck and now it's just a whole brain full of ideas ready to be put into words. (Hopefully soon.)
7. I kinda/kinda not fell for someone. If you want to know more about it, here's the full story
8. I'm back into blogging. Which, to be honest, was very scary but really exciting. Also, as I'm a huge bookworm I'd love to write about the books I read in this little corner of my kingdom (queendom, maybe? I don't know...) so if you're digging the idea, please, let me know! ( A massive shoutout to my friend Cait,who's blog I ADORE!!! for encouraging me into this! Thank you, you're a lovely bean!
9. Re-reading the Lux series. (Hi, it's me and I'm talking from the future. I now have a serious major reading slump because of this series. Re-reading it wasn't a good idea, because now all I wanna do is curl up in bed daydreaming about Deamon Black. And praying for aliens to come to Earth. I swear, if you're reading this and you're not from this planet, I can take care of you and I'm willing to go through hell and then some with you. I promise. But please, if you have a really long neck, big eyes and a very annoying obsession for calling home, you can stay wherever you are. I have standards, you know.)

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