September 11, 2016

What if I tell you that since I met you,
everything has changed?
What if I tell you that everything I thought I wanted,
every dream, every hope,
is now gone and replaced 
by the touch of your hands
slowly curling my hair
at the base of my neck?
What if I tell you that my life is not my life
anymoreand the memory of your eyes
brightening up in the sun
is what my heart is made of?
What if I tell you
that the thought of you
keeps me awake at night
until I imagine your skin
gently brushing on these sheets
in a bed that is more ours
than it was mine?
What if I tell you
that our lives together
is what I'm more curious about?
Our kitchen, our couch,
our pillows.
Our movie collection,
our keys. 
Our dog. Our car.
Our bills. Our shower. Our bed.
So excuse me, 
while I think my life is not my life anymore
now that I have the image 
of you and I,
our bodies barely covered by the sheets
and your back is the hill
from where the sun rises
and makes your skin glow.
And it's Sunday.
And you're mine.
And I'm yours.
And we're ours.


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