October 20, 2016

I've always loved the rain.
The incessant sound of the water that touches the leaves.
The incredible smell of the earth, suggesting you that time's changing and another year is coming to an end.

I've always loved the first rain in particular.
As a child, I was obsessed with grey skies. The other kids, on the other hand, thought I was the crazy one.
Because if something as the rain was coming, it meant it was time to go back inside; no hide and seek till it was late; no playing volleyball in the street; no chasing each other with water bottles, running away, scared to be soaked up. Grey skies meant that after a long, hot, funny summer, it was time to come back to school.

Now, I don't necessary associate the pouring rain with the beginning of another school year, but to me, it's like another chance to start over, to do things you've never thought about, it's time for new goals and definitely time to put yourself out there and fight for them.

Rain is not just the wet leaves. It's the way back home after an exhausting day; the beginning of something new; the promise of better things. The hope for all your plans and dreams to finally come true.

It's raining right this moment, and as I write this post I'm sitting on the couch under the natural light of a thunderstorm and guess what, life has never been more peaceful than this moment, right here.


  1. I love listening to the rain, it can be so calming at times! especially during the night, when it's chilly and you're all tucked up in bed haha x