October 18, 2016

Let's say it out loud, shall we? I'm a tv series addict. I collect DVDs of tv series, I marathon tv series, I also have a notebook in which I take notes about tv series. Crazy, I know. But I grew up on bread and "Will the fresh Prince of Bal Air" so what did you expect?

I went vampire hunting with Buffy, pretended to have witch powers with Willow and I will forever be team Angel. Yes, you've heard that right.
I fell in love with Pacey and cried the shit out of me when Jen died. I went mad at Dawson and his obsession/ non obsession with that Potter girl (still don't get what everyone saw in her).
I started drinking coffee on the sofa of my parents' living room the exact same time Phoebe was charming everyone with her "smelly cat" song. I also believed drinking coffee was cool because those Gilmore Girls were obsessed with it. I was trying to understand that guy I had a huge crush on the same time Rory got the perfect Dean and asked myself why the hell couldn't I have a Dean, instead of someone who was nothing more than trouble; then Jess Mariano came around and I understood. (Do not dare ask me whether I'm team Dean/Jess/Logan because once I start we can go on for days).

I used to get ready for kindergarten watching The Robinsons and in middle school I couldn't wait to finish my homework to just relax and do spells with Sabrina.
See? My life was all about tv series and since that hasn't changed a bit, I'm here today to share some of the ones I'm currently obsessed with. Let's give it a try.


 This British Drama tells the story of young Queen Victoria, from the  accession to the throne at only eighteen to her marriage to Prince  Albert. 
This tv series is just amazing. 
Not only it takes you back in time to Victorian Age (my favourite era) and those beautiful dresses, but it also gives you an idea of what you would normally find in your history books. 
From episode one you see a strong and stubborn young Victoria that, after the King's death, not only is the one first in line to the throne but since she's so young she's not taken seriously. She fights for it and every single day even if she struggles making everyone believe she's actually a great Queen, with her grace and intelligence, proves everybody wrong.
It's a great show, funny, romantic, a must watch for the ladies that every day want to be heard and those who are too afraid to do it. It's full of girl power and it keeps you glued to the screen. It celebrates women and their strength, making everyone believe that if we're confident and smart and willing to actually do something, there is nothing, not even age, that can stop us.
(Season two is coming in 2017. Get excited!)


I know, I know, I'm late to the game, I know. But listen, better late than never, am I right?
Honestly, it took me some time to pick this one to watch, I don't know why, I thought it was "meh" but then I gave it a try and OMG!!! It's so good! 
It's about this special department of NSA, the "Stitcher Program" a lab where "men of science" (see what I did there? Watch the show, you'll get it) play with very high tech in order to "stitch" into dead people's last memories and see why they have been murdered. Kirsten Clark is the one who stitches into memories, she also has temporal dysplasia, she basically has no clue about time perception and also has zero feelings. Not in the mean way but in a more kinda medical way. This condition of hers doesn't allow her to have feelings and Emma Ishta is so good at playing her character, it's unbelievable. Of course, stuff happens throughout the show (especially in the last episode of season one/ first episode of season two), and Kirsten's obsession in finding clues about her parents leads her to trouble. Thank God good Cameron is there to save the day! Seriously, if you're not sure about the whole NSA thing or you're not into SCI FI, just watch it for the romance (or the lack of it? In some weird way), watch it for Cameron, his facial expressions could seriously lead to a whole new show with him as the main character (please, let it be a thing!)
( Season one and two are already out. Freeform has recently renewed the show for season three and I can't wait to have more Camsten!)


Ever thought about what happens behind those crazy Taylor Swift concerts? The people who work under and behind the stage, those who fix the guitars and the ones who build the stage and even those who make coffee? 
Well, this is what the show is about: people getting together to build a crazy ass show for the "Staton House Band". Don't mind searching it online, the band does not exist IRL but the people behind it do. Think about Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction, yes, those concerts are amazing and everything but we have to give it to the people who work for it, we have to remember them. "Roadies" tells the stories of a group of people who work for this band and all the crazy stuff that happen on the road. The thing that I like the most of the show is that the band is barely there, you get to see these roadies and their lives and what happens to them and in rare occasions the band is involved. The cool thing is that real bands are on the show (I'm still not over that Halsey performance) but as supporting artists. It's a really cool show, great dynamics and friendships for life. Watch it now, copy that.
(Season one is already out. There's no news about season two. I'll keep you updated)


Now, we're all friends here so let's be honest: who's never been a bit obsessed with Sex & the City? I mean, those girls shaped the way I used to look at fashion and I still remember that Halloween party in elementary school where I went as a ballerina and prayed my mum to sew my tulle skirt just to have one and brag about it with my friends. I'm still debating whether or not I should sew one myself today and wear it like it's nobody's business.
My point is, the mind behind the whole thing (I know it comes out as a book first, but still) is Darren Star, hello? Producer of Sex & the City (and let's not forget Beverly Hills 90210).
It's fresh and funny and eye opening. It has everything you wish for in a comedy and it's perfect.
Liza Miller is a woman in her forties who has a daughter and is about to divorce from her husband. Now she wants to take her life back, find a job and start over. But being forty in a world where millennials are the new CEO of huge companies it's not an easy task. She's been rejected because she's too old and all she's done since then is being a mum and a wife. After a night at the bar with her best friend (an artist and a lesbian) she's been approached by a guy in his twenties who starts flirting with her, believing that she must be the same age as him. She does look extrememly young and thanks to that, an idea pops up in her mind: from that moment she will pretend to be 25 and see if things will be easier. She goes to job interviews and starts working for a publishing house (her lifetime dream-and mine-). She also starts dating Josh, the boy she meets at the bar and meets Kelsey who soon becomes her friend. But it doesn't matter that she has her life figured out now, the truth fights to come to the surface and she has to be smart enough to hide it or strong enough to expose her secret. 
It's a must watch if you love light, fresh, funny tv series. 
(Season one and two are already out. I'm currently on season three.)

So, this is what I'm watching at the moment and what I've been watching this summer. I know, what about Stranger Things, you ask. Well, I've watched it and absolutely loved it. It was so good I can't wait for season two. But I feel like everyone is talking about it so having it on the blog was a cliche I tried to avoid. But seriously, if you haven't watched it already, go do it now! Also, The Flash season three has started again and Tom Felton plays a new character (yes, Malfoy in all his glory!) and it's so great! And weird. But great!
There are so many tv series coming back this month and this winter in general that I could talk about them all day! But let's stick to these for now, shall we?

Now, tell me what have you been watching lately, if there's some good show I've been missing out and I need to watch! I'm all ears, folks!

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