December 03, 2016

As technology is taking control of everything we do, from what we eat to the people we meet, we suddenly find ourselves drowning in a world where you can't survive a day without the constant need to check the Internet. I remember when I was in primary school I had to go through giant tomes of books for my science research and Encarta wasn't even a thing back then.
I was creative, I used to spend the afternoons drawing and making things with my own hands using glue and scissors and that was FUN!

As the time went by and I had my first computer, my drawings were not on real paper anymore but on that amazing programme that was "Paint" and I loved it but it wasn't the same.

Today we are all writing books on a keyboard and reading them out of a computer screen. We look for daily news typing instead of buying the national newspaper. We print what the web offers us, instead of getting a little creative and drawing it ourselves. It's convenient but sad.

That is why I want you to think about how much without the Internet we can actually enjoy ourselves and have fun without the need to look on a screen.
Here you have some ideas you can try this month with the only help of your imagination and creative mind. Have fun!

1. bullet journal. I know, you love that Google calendar that tells you everything you need to know about your appointments and schedules and stuff, but if you buy a simple Moleskine (or you can simply use a notebook if you don't want to buy anything), you know the fun you can have with it? You can use it as your journal or your planner and the best part is that you can customise it from scratch, making it how you want it. Isn't it just great?

2. start a cookbook. Now I'm a fan of this one because I'm currently doing it with my mum, but I can assure you is so much fun and so helpful you will want to start one right now! If you have some cool recipe or you want to remember your grandma amazing cake, then writing it down is the best way to keep it. I'm doing it because my mum always writes lots of recipes and then she loses them all, so we want to keep them nice and safe, but it's also good because I'm about to leave the country and I want to collect the recipes of the amazing dishes my mum makes and then being able to make them myself. You can also draw the ingredients and make it way more fun but overall, being busy with this project not only will benefit yourself but it will also assure you a fun time with your mum!

3. make your own Christmas decors. It's almost Christmas time and we're already taking out the decors from our basements and put them all nice around the house. Every year I tend to buy more decorations for the tree but I found out that if you can actually find the time to work on some pretty good DIY you won't need to buy any more ornaments. For example, if you have a garden (or someone you know has a garden or if they don't just go outside you will most certainly find some pines around where you live) pick those pine cones up, take them home, put a nice bow on top and hang them on your tree and you're done. It looks cute and the amount of money you will spend is zero. Simple and effective. 

I really hope you will find these ideas helpful and fun and make sure to tell me if you decide to try them out!
I know that there are lots of ideas out there and I will make sure to post more next month! In the meantime, do you have some DIY project to try out? Tell me in the comments! Do you like this kinda post? Well, you know the drill by now! Comment comment comment!

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