December 05, 2016

I've come to the conclusion that blogging every day is hard. Like really freaking hard. You have to think about blog posts in advance and then once you hit that publishing button you think it's done but it's really not. You're not even half way there. You have to promote your posts, you have to write about them on Twitter, on Instagram, on Pinterest. And you have to involve people. You also have to choose the perfect time to post and hope for the best.

But I kinda committed to it. I'm at that point in my life where I'm thinking clearly of all the things I really want to do and blogging is one of those.

But let's just stop rambling and get to all the things I've been loving this past week.

1. Christmas decorations. I finally put my tree up and hung all the pretty stuff in it. It looks amazing. I love sitting on the sofa with my laptop and work from there, it feels so cosy and calm and it kinda helps my brain work better.

2. free books. This week I have received a book from an Italian Publishing House. I love getting free stuff, especially books. My inner Rory Gilmore is jumping with joy. Also, I'm really thinking about posting more book reviews on here, I do read A LOT and talking about what I'm reading feels natural. What do you think?

3. journaling. When I first read about journaling being sort of therapeutic I didn't believe it. How could writing about your thoughts possibly make you feel better? If not, it could make you feel way worse because you have all those things hurting you right there, in full view. But no. It really is therapeutic. I'm doing in every night, instead of watching tv, I sit on my bed and just let my mind run free, putting thoughts into paper. You should try it.

4. #theroyals. It's been now two years since I started watching this tv series and I must say that every season is better than the last. It follows the Royals family (not the real one, but a fictional one, but still pretty cool) and all the tragedies and crazy stuff that surround them. I love this show, I especially looooove Princess Eleanor and Jasper, ahhhhh #thefeels Go watch it, season three just started and you can't miss it!

So yeah, these are the things I've been loving this week. Stick around to know more about the next one!

How has this week been treating you? Do you have some cool stuff you wanna share? Post a comment below or leave me a tweet!

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