December 02, 2016

Oh, November. Has come and gone in a dime. I'm not complaining about it actually, I'm really excited for Christmas, but it has been a nice month, nothing hella extraordinary but still.

Let's talk about the most exciting thing that happened, shall we? Two words: Gilmore Girls. I've been waiting for this revival to happen for the last nine (or even ten) years and let me say it, it was amazing! I will be talking about this in a new post coming very soon this month, so don't worry, I just have a lot to talk about!

I don't know where you live guys, but I'm currently in Italy and we have seasons. Yes, as in all four of them, and they are unforgiving. Summer is basically so horrible and hot and ahhhh I wanna die and winter is freezing and windy and OH MY GOSH ARE MY NIPPLES SHOWING THROUGH MY SWEATER? So I do love me some Autumn when the trees are red and yellow and it's windy and you can start layering. And I love layering. It's fashionable and most important, you have a place where to put your hands. I spend all summer not knowing what to do with them, do I shove them into the pockets of my shorts? Do I cross my arms on my chest while walking and trying not to look like someone who's just got out of an asylum? Or do I just let them hang without purpose at each side of my hips? Well, you don't have to think about it when it's cold, you just naturally shove them in the pockets of your jackets, where they belong.

I've been sick this month. Not like fever sick, but I guess I just needed some time off to reset. I spent two weeks with my pyjama on, hair in a messy bun, not watching any television and not using the Internet. To be honest, I haven't even turned my laptop on for those two weeks and it was wonderful. I'm not going in depth because I will post something about it later, but just to let you know, I've read three books, rediscovered the joy of writing on paper with an actual pen and played chess for hours. 

After those two weeks of doing nothing, I then decided it was okay to come out of the rocks in which I was living in and join the world. I turned my laptop on (glad I haven't lost followers on twitter/instagram) and catch up on so many tv series it's unreal. Also, can we talk about those last American Horror Story episodes? I guess I will never be a fan of that show. I think it's one of those that you absolutely love or absolutely hate, there's no in between feelings and I think I belong to the latter.

I also found out that journaling kinda helps you keeping your mind sane. Writing your worries and doubts and questions and just what's going on in your mind is helpful to understand more what's happening and start doing something to change what you want to change and just make peace with that part of you that believes everything's wrong and horrible and not worth living. I found out that putting thoughts to paper is a good way to catch up with your brain and telling yourself it's okay to feel however you're feeling because it's normal and this too shall pass.

So this was my month, full of ups and downs but kinda okay nonetheless.

How was your month? What are the highlights and the moments you would have gladly throw everything out of the window? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

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