December 04, 2016

Oh, Sunday. What a perfect day to be alive!
I remember back in the days when I was a student, Sundays were a nightmare.
I always had to finish all my homework by Saturday and then wake up very early on Sunday and revise just to be sure. Sundays, back then, were the last drop of freedom you could get and the anticipation of what's expecting you on Monday (which was school).

Now that I'm an adult Sundays are just the perfect days to pamper yourself, restore, watch movies, go to brunch, ya know what I mean.

I usually get up early (if not it's just because the night before was crazy wild or the fizz was crazy good) and drink lots of water. I turn the radio on just because I feel at best when surrounded by music and it kinda helps with the whole waking up and not going straight back to bed thing.
Sunday is the only day when going around the house braless is socially acceptable, so I tend to make the most of it and ditch the bra for the entire day and let my boobies feel free of going wherever they want inside my pyjama (which is also staying on the whole day).

What I like to do on Sunday is catch-up with the tv-series I'm currently watching (which are too many) and liking every Christmas/winter/autumn themed Instagram pics. Sometimes I also plan some blog post or write some ideas on my Moleskine, just so that I know what I'm gonna be talking about in the next posts and having your week planned out is actually very helpful.

Now that Christmas is approaching I'm not gonna lie but I looooove to watch those cheesy holiday movies we all adore, so I basically curl up on the sofa all day with a blanket and a cup of vanilla tea; when I'm not watching a movie I'm usually reading a book, which happens all the time (hi, hello, huge bookworm represent!). I'm currently deciding on what to read next so if you have some good book you want me to read (and then post a review of it later) just tell me in the comments!

In the afternoon I usually watch youtube videos, especially those lovely booktubers, like, seriously, if you love books as much as I do, you really want to watch those people rumbling about books for hours! If you're interested in that, let me know so I can recommend some of them in a new blog post soon!

One thing I don't do on a Sunday is going out. If I'm in Italy there's no way I'm leaving the house. It's boring and honestly I kinda like spend the whole day just by myself; if I'm somewhere else, let's say in London, then I would consider going out for brunch or if it's during the holiday season I really like going out to Somerset House or just some cool pub where they play live acoustic music and it feels like proper Christmas.

So yeah, Sunday, not very exciting but essential if you're one of those people who need some time alone.
This was my current kinda Sunday, tell me what you usually do on that day in the comments below 'cause I would really love to know!

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