January 17, 2017

All over the place. That's my honest answer.
December was a hell of a month; Christmas took every single energy I had left away from me, leaving me with food bump and zero sleep (I'm catching up on it these days).

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas (like, I LUUUURV it so very much) and the whole getting together but the amount of stress my body went through killed every once of creativity, hence, no posts on the blog.
I watched AN AWFUL LOT of Youtube videos, though, and made zero progress with my writing.
If you didn't know, I'M WRITING MY FIRST NOVEL and I've been really bad at it. I'm currently thinking about my characters and everything in between, so I can't really talk about it but just so you know it's a contemporary YA and I have high hopes for it.
Talking about books, I met some great people on Twitter and realised that maybe I finally found my "niche".

I also started a BULLET JOURNAL, which is the best thing that's ever happened to me! Seriously, you should give it a shot because it will change the way you plan!
But besides that (and drinking a lot of tea and getting annoyed at every single vlogmas or "boyfriend does my voiceover video, like, seriously, can you get more creative than that?) I didn't do anything new and exciting. I'm back on blogging mode though, it will take me a while to get used to it all over again but I promise you, I will post consistently on this little corner of the Internet! #PinkyPromise

I am also working on a BOOK BLOG. I've always loved books and I think that discussing them is what I do best, so yes, I will run two blogs (CRAZY! I know!) and I will definitely let you all know once it's up!
I'm really sorry I've been really shitty at posting but I will do my best to work on it, this year!

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