February 03, 2017

One thing you can't say about me is that I'm not creative. I breathe creativity. If I don't DIY something or write for a day, I feel terrible. I have it in my genes, I guess. Creativity, you have it or you don't, they say. That is not true like, at all! You can be creative even if you're not good at painting or you're not a reader or you don't play any sort of instruments. That doesn't mean you're not creative. It just means you have to find what's best for you, something you like, something you're good at. We don't like the same things, we don't read the same books, that is totally normal, but that does not mean you're not a creative person. Yes, there are people who find extremely easy to make something out of nothing or draw or write amazing poems, that is just the way it is, but if you want to stay creative and find what you are good at, keep reading this post and maybe you will find out how.

Seriously, no joke. I know, I know, the Internet is where the great ideas are; one day you're watching Game of Thrones and the next you're trending on Twitter, but let me tell you, the Internet is not what you want to base your creativity on, "but you're a blogger, you're creating something on the Internet!" I hear you say; yes, I'm a blogger, I do create stuff on the Internet but I was around when the Internet wasn't a thing and let me tell you, it was amazing! You have no idea of the things you can do without it, the things you can make and create and invent when you have no choice. So try to stay away from it for an afternoon and then come back to tell me how it went!

Now, I haven't tried this out, honestly but I do see the difference when I write down my goals instead of having them floating around in my head! Vision boards are supposed to help you decide what you really want and go for it. Try it, it may work for you!

Whenever I left the house without my notebook or even a piece of paper to write on or sketch, I felt lost. You can't know when the next amazing idea will come, you can't control it and believe me if I say that when it does come and you don't have the materials to write it down, it'll fade. So prevent that and keep a diary, a notebook, whatever, but make sure you have something to write on whenever you please.

One thing you may know about me is that I write poetry. Well, it's not exactly poetry, is more like "thoughts in verse". They now call it "modern poetry" and I really enjoy it. I like reading it and I love writing it. Try writing about something you did and put it in verse; use new words, find synonyms and use metaphors. Write about how the sun was making shadows in your room or about how that cloud looked like an elephant swimming. Try it, for fun, you may be good at this!

The best way to get creative is to be among other creatives. They will push you into trying new things and you will be able to understand what you like and what you don't. Befriend someone who likes painting and try it with your hands. Find someone who loves photography and give it a shot. If you have friends who can play the guitar, ask them to teach you. Being around creative people will make you want to do stuff or it'll lead you into finding your passions. Take risks, try something new, do more of what makes you happy. It'll be worth the try.

Do it, now. I feel more creative when my desk is clean; just my laptop, a lamp, a penholder and a Moleskine. Everything else is unnecessary. Get rid of that piece of paper you used earlier to try your new pen out, leave just what you need and believe me, it will make a huge difference! Think about it: if you have something in mind, let's say you want to try a DIY project you saw and you have your material but no place where to put it, chances are, you won't start that project! You will give up because you have no space to do what you want to do so you won't try it. And how will you know if something is for you or not if you don't try it? So go clean your desk, now!

Let me tell you a story: there was a girl who loved to write. She used to write for fun, at school, and during her free time. One day she decided to write a novel of her own, dreaming about being the next "New York Times Best Seller". When she started, though, every idea, every scene, every tiny piece of inspiration flew away from her in a second and she decided that writing wasn't for her. She gave up. After a while she couldn't do it anymore; writing was like breathing, so she decided to get back into it, she found new ideas, new characters, new settings and worked a lot for her lifetime dream. She still is. I know because hi! It's me, I'm that girl. I gave up and that was the only thing I shouldn't have done. If you find something you like, something that makes you happy, don't give up on it just because it seems hard because truth is: it'll be hard at the beginning but with work and motivation you will get through it! Don't ever give up on what makes you feel happy.

I really hope you found this post a bit inspirational! I'm busy writing these days so I thought it was time to write something you could use in whatever you like to do! Tell what your passions are, tell me what you're doing to find them, tell me everything down below in the comments section!

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