February 01, 2017

I've come to a point where I know what I want to do. If I think about how I struggled watching my friends as they packed their stuff and left for their dream city or land their dream job, knowing that I was still stuck in my hometown in the middle of nowhere, doing nothing I felt happy about when in reality, what I wanted to do was right in front of me, I was just too focused on other people's accomplishments to see what I hadn't.
I've always wanted to tell stories; I remember being in Primary School and teachers often told us to write about a special event we went to or how we spent the holidays and since I usually stayed with my family the whole time, doing basic things, I had two choices: (A) write boring stuff about me going orange-picking with my grandma or (B) making things up. So that orange tree became a tree-house where my "holiday friends" and I, used to hang out all the time and the oranges were instead crazy bees waiting to come after us. I loved that. I loved the fact that my stories were different from everybody else's and I loved the face my friends made, like "oh man, you're so cool!". That's why I used to write stories. That's why I decided to keep writing and create worlds and befriend people I never met and make them so real that they could almost jump out of the pages and hug you (or stub you!).

So here I am today, telling you I'm ready to catch this train, I'm ready to start this journey! It will require sleepless nights and very moody days in which I won't be able to type anything valuable, but I will do it, no matter what.
I told myself February would have been my official writing month. Starting from the first day I would write EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. whatever comes through my mind. It will be hard, hell if it will be, but I'm ready. I won't look at the numbers (although they are important if I want to finish this story) and I will definitely ask for help when needed. Writing sprints are awesome! If you're thinking about writing, join a group chat on Twitter (follow me on Twitter) or ask people to motivate you through writing sprints! One thing I seriously need to let go of is EDITING AS I GO. I'm so bad at it. I would write a chapter and immediately read it, looking for mistakes or things to add to the story. This is so wrong! I will have time to do that once the story is finished! But it's just a thing I do, I guess. 

I watched so many interviews and read advice from well-known authors, my mind could explode! I'm always thinking of them every time I sit to write. If you're interested I will write a post about what I've learned (tell me in the comments below!).

But for now, that's it. I'm starting this writing journey knowing I will have a hell of a time but sure that IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Are you too planning on writing? Let me know so we can have each other's back! 
You can also follow me on Twitter for news about my writing (I'm kinda addicted to it) and you can also send me a tweet letting me know how your story is going! Can't wait to hear from you!

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