February 02, 2017

How are we in February already? I swear I was celebrating New Year's Day and now there are flowers and Valentine's Day menus waiting for love birds. This is crazy!

Anyway, February is a great month: it's short and calm and seems like a very lucky month for me (so far!). Things are already happening this month, so let me just share them with you all.

Maybe you have already noticed a few changes, maybe not (if you're new here, in that case, hello! And welcome! I really hope you'll stay!) anyway, I decided that since I'm going to get serious about my little corner of the Internet, it may as well be named after something that represents me. I will explain why I chose this very name, maybe, but keeping it short, I have been thinking about it for a while now, so I said: "why the hell not?" and did it. I am definitely going for a domain, so expect that in a few months, but the name is definitive. I'm stuck with it and I'm totally okay. 
I have changed the design too, which I think looks way better than it did before! It's a lot different and pink (which I wouldn't normally go for but hey! It looks pretty!). Changing a blog design, after sticking with the same old thing for a while is like breathing fresh air. I can feel the freshness now. Thank God.

Listen, I have a problem with tv series and I'm completely aware of it. But I can't help it. I read a lot, I write a lot and I watch a lot of tv series. Here, I said it, I'm a telefilm fanatic, but seriously, what's better than getting cosy, with a cup of tea (or a snack or two) a blanket and a good tv series? So, as a huge fan of those vampire/ wolves/ witches and all that kinda jazz stuff, I loooooove me some craziness and Riverdale (although there is no vampire, no superpower, nothing like it) is the crazy I like. It's basically based on the characters by Archie Comics and it's dark. It's mysterious and sexy and addictive and have I already said sexy? Because boooooy if it is! But seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, go give it a chance! It's brand new, so you don't have to catch up on anything, it started last week and I already want more! So yeah, Riverdale, sounds a lot of fun (and sexiness).

Like you're going to die tomorrow. A little intense, maybe? No, but seriously, this month is my writing month. It's my "NaFe(bruary)WriMo" and I'm already failing at it. I said I would have started my writing the first day of February (here you can read all about it!), and since I'm writing this post on February 1st, I know how things went. Down the drain. But I have tomorrow, I promise I will write something tomorrow. In case I won't, you're allowed to scream at me on Twitter (do it, please!). But yes, writing. Go for it.

Honestly, I luuuuurv winter. I love it so much; I love the rain and the wind and the snow (it snowed in Sicily! Could you believe it?) but this winter was awful. And I'm not even talking about all the "end of the World" stuff that happened in Italy, although they were terrible and heartbreaking, but it's like being stuck in freaking Narnia: the shivering and the freezing are unbearable anymore! Yesterday looked like Spring and I was a very happy bee. I finally discovered that as much as I love winter, there's nothing quite like mid-seasons. You have the best of both worlds (trying not to sing that horrible Hannah Montana song here, I'm trying, I promise!). So yes, the sun, I love it when it comes in and brightens up my bedroom; I'm actually re-arranging all the furniture so I can have the sun hitting all the right places. I'm also looking forward to that.

So here you have it, all the things I'm excited about this month. But since I'm a curious bee, I want to know what's on your list! What are the things you are excited about? What are you looking forward to? Let me know!

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