February 22, 2017

Whether you're a freelancer, a blogger or even a student, you spend a lot of time at home. This can be extremely stressful, isolating and tiring.
I am a blogger; before that, I was a student and I remember spending the afternoons at home, in my room, trying to solve maths equations and trying to navigate through different languages. I felt horrible. Spending the whole day home was the worst thing ever; my body felt painful and my panic attacks were getting worse. As a blogger, I do spend most of my time editing blog posts or writing them from scratch and this means sitting on a chair for hours, changing position only for lunch or dinner or those necessary pit stops at the bathroom. Doing that for quite a while causes your body to ache and your mind to explode.

If you too work from home, here are some useful tips you can try to change your routine and making your life a bit better.

This is crucial! If you work from your bed, you don't have a clear vision of what is "working" and what is "staying home". They're not the same thing. If you work from your bed, change that immediately. Try sitting on a chair, at a desk. Things will get better and you'll get SO MUCH MORE WORK DONE!

And by that, I don't mean go back laying on your bed! Use your couch instead! Or if you like how the sun comes through your kitchen window, bring your laptop there and sit at your table. As I wake up in the morning, I feel like the light that's inside my kitchen makes me feel better and more relaxed and since the mornings is when I'm all alone, I'm more comfortable and at peace working from the kitchen. Changing your working space makes your brain breathe and your ideas flow! 

This is so important! Taking breaks is good for your body, for your mind and for god sake, get out of the house for a bit! It doesn't matter if it's for a run to the supermarket around the corner or for a quick walk in the park, what's important is that you move. Get up, stretch, eat something out, go for a walk but seriously, take a bloody break!

4. SHOES ON.  
Now, tell me you wear shoes while working from home and I won't believe you. I don't wear them and that's so wrong! Putting shoes on, getting dressed, playing with your make-up, are all things that set your mind in "working mode". If you stay in your pyjama, working doesn't look like working anymore and you will find yourself curling up in bed watching youtube videos instead of getting things done! Put a nice dress on even if it's just for you to see. If you don't want to wear a dress, pick a nice t-shirt from your wardrobe, pair it with jeans and sneakers and you're good to go! If you want an extra stimulation for getting things done like you would do in a proper office, put your boldest lipstick on! Believe me, life-changer.

If you're a morning person, this will come easier to you. If you're not a morning person and 7:00 a.m. doesn't even exist for you, try waking up early (or going to bed early!), make something (like a delicious breakfast) you look forward to, put a nice playlist on, do some yoga, take a shower and get to work! It's incredible the things you can do if you wake up a bit earlier! Plus, your brain is restored and you won't find it hard to focus on your daily tasks!

I hope these tips will help you find the right routine for you. Working from home can be hard if done it wrong, so try use these tips (or just one of them), then tell me how it went!
I'm working on every single one of these myself, starting tomorrow with a bit of exercise before getting back to work!
Do you have other useful tips? Do you already use these? Let me know!

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