March 07, 2017

There is no magic trick to just turn our lives into what we expect them to be. I know that because babe, I've been there too. Sometimes life is just too jam-packed with stuff we don't want, feeling we don't want to feel and people we don't want to see. I get that. But let me assure you that this moment too will pass and you'll feel better, I promise.

Since then, although it's hard to just stay there and watch as things happen and hard times get in the way of your happiness, there are things you can actually do to feel a tiny bit better about yourself, your life and everything that surrounds you.

1. Clear out your wardrobe

Listen, this works wonders! As soon as I feel a bit "meh" I start cleaning everywhere, because it does help me get rid of excessive stress, and oh boy, don't we all feel that way sometimes? But the best part, the part that really helps me feel much better is getting through every single piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe. I know, it sounds like a lot of work and maybe it is, I mean, if you have a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe it can be an adventure, but it's fun! As soon as you pile things up in different sections (keep/ donate/ throw away for god sake!) you will feel better and when you will come to an end and see your wardrobe all nice (and maybe color-coordinated?) and fresh, a huge smile will appear on your face and you too will feel fresher and lighter and ya know, all the good feels!

2. Organise a capsule wardrobe

This goes hand in hand with the advice above. Once you finish refreshing your wardrobe and get through everything you have, the next step is to pair things up. Try to find new ways to wear that shirt you love; instead of wearing it with the same old trusty black pair of jeans, try some light blue ones or a skirt! Try to find at least four combos for every piece of clothing you own. You don't need to have a lot of stuff in order to dress nicely, all you need is a sense of style (or a Pinterest account). Have fun with what you already have and believe me, less is more!

3. Get organised

I don't know how many times in the past I had to remember something but as soon as I came back home I would totally forget about it. A planner is your closest friend. It saves your ass multiple times a day and it sticks with you through everything. Life looks so much better when you have absolute control over it! I'm not saying plan everything, that is crazy! But plan your appointments, plan the work that needs to be done within a certain date, write down your best friend's arrival in your city and plan stuff with her/ him. Invest in a planner if you think it's worth it or, as I would highly suggest, make one! Bullet journals are in right now and honestly, they work wonders! I made one and I'm sticking to it for my blog posts and appointments and yes, birthdays too because my memory is made of steel but sometimes I have so many things to do that I completely forget. Get a planner, make one, your choice, but commit to it.

4. Push away negative people from your life

No, it's not a shitty thing to do. No, you won't look like a horrible person and no, nobody will die if you do that. It's your life, you can get rid of people who make you miserable and unhappy. You don't have to stick with your High School friends if you don't want to; if you have dreams and aspirations and they don't care or you feel like talking to them is useless and maybe a brick wall would be better than them, ditch them. If you're still hanging out with them because you're scared to be left alone, there is not an excuse. Yes, you will be alone for a while but then you will meet people and maybe they will fulfil you and give you the energy and creativity you need! Don't be scared, do things because you know they will improve your lifestyle, not because you're scared. That does not lead you anywhere.

5.  Save a certain amount par month

Now, I won't say how much because that depends on you, on your job, on your possibilities. What I will say is that even if you save a few cents par month that amount of money will eventually turn into a bit more than just cents and if every time you have change you put it aside, and the end of the month you will look at that jar and smile because this is a little step into being a pro at saving money and using them for something useful and worthy (yes, more worthy than candies). Save as much money as you can. With that, I'm not saying you can't buy anything! If you like that pair of shoes or that bag, first of all think about it, do you really need it? Did you do anything to deserve it? If yes, well, congrats! You have a new bag. If the answer is not, you can always save that item into a wishlist and you will get it later, eventually. I know, money doesn't buy happiness, yeah, but what about that trip to New York, uh? Can that be the answer to your happiness? You choose. 

6. Save time for the things you love

Sometimes like sucks. But if you don't remind yourself how great and actually not that bad is, chances are you'll feel miserable all the time. Instead, write in your journal, paint, sing, dance, read, run, go to the gym, find that special something you love and that makes you happy you're alive and do it. For me, reading and writing always work. If you're too busy during the day to do that, just stop for a second, breathe and remember that life is not made of those things you hate doing but you have to; life is not your work or the people you have to deal with or that broken heal. Life is what makes you passionate and excited and happy. So even if you have a very busy day, find two minutes to focus on something you love and makes you feel great because those two minutes will definitely rule your entire day.

So, here you have it, some things you can do to make your life a bit easier and yourself a bit more happy every day. Do you find them useful? Will you try them? Let me know!

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