5 TV-Shows I'm Watching Religiously Right Now

April 17, 2017

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a TV addict, more specifically, a TV-series fanatic. I watch everything. I feel amazing every time I find ou about a new show or discover an old one that I've never watched. 

I remember the old days when, before going to kindergarten, I used to have breakfast while watching The Robinsons. I LOOOOVED it. Then, growing up, I became being more interested in drama so I started watching Dawson's Creek or my teenage obsession, Buffy-The Vampire Slayer.

As you can see I basically grew up on bread, books and tv shows.
I feel like today there's nothing like the old series I used to watch growing up, but there are some really good ones that are just perfect.

As I recollect all my tears from that The Vampire Diaries finale (and try to not think about Teen Wolf coming to an end) I wanna talk to you about those I'm watching now without missing one single episode. Here ya go!


Right, I have a confession to make. Do you remember, a few lines above, when I told you about my obsession with The Vampire Diaries? Well, people, The Originals is no different. I fell in love with the main character Klaus way back when he was the villain in TVD and since then I just kept wanting more, until the day they announced the spin-off.

  I am currently watching season 4 which is the newest one and let me tell you if you haven't    already jumped on this train, you really need to!

This season is way darker and emotional and you    really need to start watching it because    #ALLTHEFEELS

Without going into major spoilers (you're welcome!) the new season starts five years after the Michaelson family's defeat. It's a new era in New Orleans: Marcel tries to keep things cool between vampires and witches while keeping Klaus as a prisoner.
But Hayley, now a mother to a five years old Hope, is trying to bring all the other siblings back to life, and she's willing to do everything to do so.

In the meantime, an evil force is making its way into the city and into everyone's life. In order to take more power, this force is feeding on kid's magic, kidnapping them and willing to sacrifice them all; one of these kids is Hope Michaelson, Klaus' daughter. But he and all the Michaelson are ready to go through hell in order to save the little girl and save the day. "Always and Forever" has never meant more to them than right now.

THE 100

I started this show really late. I wasn't sure I would have like it or not but after a few thoughts I said "F**k it, I'm watching it!" and I became obsessed with it from episode one!

The show starts inside the ARC, a platform suspended in space where people live after the Earth has been destroyed from radiations.
The rules are strict, and who breaks them is basically killed or send in jail.
When the clever people in the ARC find out that the place is not made for all those people anymore, they decide to taste the waters and send the kids from jail on Earth.

In three seasons "the 100" have fought for survival and against each other, after betrayals, friendships, deaths of loved ones, they are now ready to face another enemy in season four.

I am not going to talk about it because you should give it a shot from season one and enjoy this absolutely great show!

I have to say, I have a few favourites who keeps making my heart race in each episode and I can't wait to see where this new threat will lead them.
"From the ashes, we will rise."


Ah, this show! I watched Psycho for the first time in High School when my best friend was running a Cinema Club in which we would watch an old movie and then discuss it. When that afternoon Psycho was on the agenda, I was very sceptical but I ended up really enjoying it. So when years later Bates Motel came out as a prequel to the original movie I didn't even think about it: I downloaded all the episodes and binge-watched it since then.

This contemporary prequel to Psycho portrays Norman Bates' teenage years and the unravelling of his psyche while keeping as a central point his intricate relationship with his mother Norma.

I absolutely LOVE this show. It's intense and full of mystery and darkness that it's almost impossible to look away.
Freddie Highmore is extraordinary. I remember the first time I watched him in August Rush (one of my favourite movies!) and watching him now, all grown up and so good makes me want to squeeze him.

This tv show is a must-watch for everyone! And believe me, you will be hooked from episode one.

I'm on season five, the final one and it's the BEST yet. I absolutely loved every single season but this one is just GREAT! As I'm writing this, a new episode is waiting for me to watch it so bye, Felicia!


If you're an Archie Comics fan, or you were already around when these came out, you know what this show is all about. But I'm going to tell you anyway...

This American teen drama revolves around the murder of Jason Blossom, football team captain, rich kid and Cheryl's twin brother.

While trying to figure out who the murder is, the show follows the lives of Archie Andrews and his friends, working on the mystery of Jason's death and dealing with their own personal issues.

This show is captivating. You have no idea who the murder could be and as the show goes on, you start suspecting everyone, because each character has a motive, even Jason's own family. 

When the trailer was released I thought "I am so going to watch this new show!" and I counted the days until it was finally mine to watch. 
I'm still watching it and still guessing; I'm walking in the dark here, as is everyone, but I do have my suspects even though I already know something shocking will happen and it will turn things around.
In the meantime, I proudly say I'm team #BUGHEAD because they're cute. End of the story. I'll leave you drooling all over Archie, I will too.

So here ya have it, these are all the tv shows I'm currently obsessed with. 
I am also watching Confess but I'm only on episode one so I couldn't include it on the list but oh boy, Ryan Cooper.

I know what you're saying, "dude! Everyone's talking about 13 Reasons Why haven't you watched it or what?" Well, my friends, I have and I'm still recovering from it. I have a whole body full of emotions to pour into pages, so as soon as I do so, I will definitely talk about it on a post just for that purpose. But, spoiler alert: I loved it so so so much it hurts. Let me figure out my feelings first, then I will let you know what I thought about it.

What are you watching at the moment? Is there any good show I'm missing out? Let me know in the comments!

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