May 01, 2017

Oh, April, as much as I loved you, I can't wait to let you go.
Spring is still deciding if showing up or not, which makes me really moody and grumpy.
But I have to admit, it was a fine month. Lots of new stuff on tv, lots of new book releases, lots of music and new healthy choices. But hey, let me clearly list all the things real nice for ya!

- 13 Reasons Why (I'll talk about it very soon!)
- The White Princess (because I'll never have anough of England's Royal history)
- Clique (WTF Rory!)
- Famous In Love (binge-watch this and get ready to move to LA!)
- GirlBoss (you can also binge-watch this! Do it, please!)
- Bates Motel finale! (With a very unexpected end and lots of tears!)
- Confess (more episodes, please!)

- Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (I am trying to finish this without falling asleep)
- The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (God help me survive this finale)

- Blood type diet
- Podcasts
- New pillow (which was a blessing for my neck!)
- Having breakfast every single morning
- Jeans that no longer fitted me (they do now!)

- Prince Harry talking about mental health
- Emma Gannon's podcast (I'm obsessed!)
- "Sign of the Time" by Harry Styles (I dig it, gotta be honest)
- "Idle Town" by Conan Gray (this guy is so freaking adorable! Go subscribe to him on YT!)
- "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran (and cried every single time)

"Don't ever let people decide for you
who you will be.
You have Stardust in your spine
and veins that flow with galaxies.
A whole universe resides inside your body.
And no one dares to tell a universe
what it can and cannot be."
- Nikita Gill-

- for my fellow millennials, here are little reminders every 20 something needs to hear

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