June 19, 2017

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you would know about my love for tv-series. I watch them, I re-watch them, I marathon them, I forget about sleep, social life, food, all the things.
I feel relaxed whenever I watch something I really really like and it makes me forget about everything else for a bit and that's just great.
Books and Tv-Series are my one true loves.

Hear me out, now.
These past few weeks have been horrible. I've been into therapy for my throat and that took away six hours par day for two weeks. I felt dead inside and out.
Coming back home each night after therapy was so great but so tiring that sometimes I just wanted to go to bed and call it a night. But I didn't.
I knew that if I let myself watch an episode or two of my favourite tv-series I would have felt better and so I did.
It's like reading a book after a very long and stressful day, just I didn't have books at hand because I really do need to place an order on Bookdepository ASAP so I watched a lot of episodes. A LOT.

I also watched a lot of Youtube recently, and not the usual book hauls and book unboxings, that would have made me feel terrible because #GIVEMEALLTHEBOOKS but #IAMPOOR but also #WHOSGOINGTOANSWERTHEBELLIFNOBODYSHOME?
Yeah, the struggle is real, my friends.
But wait, let me just list all the things to ya!

And I couldn't be more excited!
As a huge fan of the book series (trilogies, novellas, codex, chronicles, you name it!) I couldn't miss the tv show for anything in the entire world.
I have struggled with it though because obviously, it doesn't follow the books completely and that's a big problem for me. But I've learned to watch it as something that belongs to the Shadowhunters world but it's not from the books, you know what I mean? I'm watching it as something new, something that it has nothing to do with the books but it's from that same world. Anyway.
This season we have SEBASTIAN. I could scream and cry and laugh and OMG isn't Will Tudor the BEST SEBASTIAN EVER? Yeah, I know, my book dragon heart weeps a bit whenever the London Institute is wrongly mentioned but hey, they needed and excuse for that accent and oh boy I would have suffered without that British accent.
Also, I have already pictured our children, all blonds with blue and green eyes. 
I may have thought about their names too.

My #Camsten fangirl is screaming with happiness.
I have missed this show so much it's unreal! But it's back, Cameron is back (honestly the only reasons why I started the show, I mean #PRIORITIES ) and the whole crew is back and I just couldn't wait.
I still have to watch the second episode, tonight maybe? But I'm so relieved I have this show on my schedule I might cry!
Also, #CAMSTEN is real and great and adorable but Kirsten is just a pain in the ass.

I'm still not over that last episode. It left me in tears and completely shattered my heart! My poor #KINGRICHARD and Teddy! Why all the things you love have to last 8 episodes but hey! Let's have 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars with the same old plot repeating over and over again, right? #NO
The White Princess was phenomenal! 
I first saw Jodie Comer in My Mad Fat Diary and loved/hated her character so much but I couldn't feel the same about her version of Elizabeth. 
She was absolutely stunning and strong and fierce and brave and absolutely AMAZING!
If you haven't already, go watch the whole season (and maybe The White Queen too? I mean, Max Irons plays King Edward, if that' doesn't make you wanna devour the whole thing, I don't know what does!)

This is a series produced by the BBC Three and follows the struggles that the LFBTQ community has to face daily to be a part of this World.
Hosted by Riyadh Khalaf, now my favourite Youtuber, who interviews people from the LGBTQ community asking them about all the struggles with society, family, friends and more.
This series destroyed me.
I'm not new to this world, I have gay friends and I know they've been struggling with their sexuality and the fact that most families don't support them doesn't make things any easier.
This documentary is a must watch.
We take for granted the fact that we have a roof over our heads, we have families who love us and support us, we have people not judging us for who we are and who we love; sometimes is good to take a step back and think about those who can't take for granted all that and fight for them, with them and believe in what they stand for.
Equality is not just about males and females.
Equality should be a human right.
We are all different and there is nothing wrong with that. We are allowed to like different kind of music and having no one judging us for it as well as we are allowed to love someone from our same sex and not having people watching us from head to toe with disdain.
The World is big and varied and there is space for all of us.
We should all learn to take each other's hands tight and fight for each other, for our right to be part of this world, for our voices to be heard, for our love to be shared.
You can watch the whole series on the BBC Three channel on Youtube.

I really hope you like today's post.
I'm working on my schedule at the moment but you know, being away for two weeks didn't give me much time to write and update you all. I'm sorry for that.
But I'm currently working on new content so you can expect a new post every day from Monday to Thursday and sometimes on Sunday too!
Thank you for sticking around!

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