June 04, 2017

Sunday. Oh, I love Sundays. 
Back when I was in High School I used to hate it because yes, it was a non-school day but usually, it did taste more like early Monday than the last bit of weekend.
So I hated it.

But I love Sundays as a grown-up. It's that day of the week when I can fully relax and spend the day doing the things I love the most.
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I'm busy all week with therapy. I have a bad form of non-allergic rhinitis and I'm trying to cure it but to do so, I have to drive every day for two hours back and forth from home to a city nearby (hence why I'm not blogging every day of the week). 
It's exhausting. 
So I'm always looking forward to Sunday to stay in my pyjamas and chill.

Now, if you love Sundays and want to take the most of them, hear me out and take notes.

If you work or study, you know the importance of a power nap. Waking up early every single morning can be quite difficult and tiring, so don't just take Sundays as a chance to make the most of your bed? If you feel like you've been sleeping a lot less or at all, take advantage of the fact that you don't have to show up at a desk and sleep in.

Once you're ready to face the day, get up, wash your face, start making breakfast and take your sweet time doing the laundry. I don't know about you but I feel absolutely relaxed whenever I know I have to wash my clothes/bedsheets/ whatever.
The smell of fabric softener does it for me and the thought of having fresh sheets makes my heart race. It's all about the little things, ya'll!

I've already said it before but I will say it again: I LOVE TV SERIES.
There is nothing like curling up on the sofa or in bed or while doing the laundry and watch your favourite characters on tv.
I'm currently watching The White Princess and good Lord if it's bloody great!
I am planning a post about the series I'm watching and those I'm excited for this Summer!
What are you watching right now? I'm curious!

This is a Sunday requirement. My Sunday uniform is usually pyjamas if I'm really tired and I'm not planning on going anywhere, but if I do have my occasional stroll around markets or I know someone's going to visit, I will wear the comfiest t-shirt I own and a pair of nice, soft, light, usually navy with polka dots joggers. 
You can't do the things in your jeans, can you? Nope. Comfy clothes it is, then!

Usually, bloggers don't post on Sundays. 
Maybe it's because people are out in the parks or with friends or at brunch but seriously, who's got time for that? It's Sunday, I want the blog posts!
It's your chance to catch up on what you've been missing all week and it's also a good moment for yourself and to take some inspiration, soak it up and use it.
Wanna know who my favourite bloggers are? You just have to ask!

If you have a hectic week at work, chances are you have no time to plan all the things that matter to you. If you are a blogger, you know you need all those posts out at a certain time and you can't do that if you're doing something else. I use Sundays to go through my ideas for blog posts and start writing them down in which order I want them to be published and I start planning all the week ahead of me: posts, tweets, Instagram, all that jazz.
Luckily I have discovered some pretty cool apps that help me keep track of all that and help me schedule all the things that I need to be scheduled, so Sundays are really important.

At the end of the day, you've done the washing, you've done the reading, you've done the planning, now it's time to take care of you: your skin is so important! Treat it right, give it massive attention, use Sundays as the perfect days in which you can look after yourself and hang around the house with a robe and a horrible face mask on, your skin will thank you later!

I think in this post I've covered up all my Sunday highlights. Obviously, if you spend all week in your office and you can't wait to go outside, do it. Use this precious day to do all the things that matter to you, whether it's relaxing at home or taking a walk in the park. You do you.
Happy Sunday!

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