July 10, 2017

June is long gone now, and Summer is in full bloom.
I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of Summer, the heat and the high temperatures are a torture to me and my health and this year is kicking my ass real bad.

I don't know if you have ever spent some time in Sicily but let me tell you, it is bloody awful.
Yes, there are lots of beaches, lots of amazing places where you can rest and relax but boy if it is hot.
As I'm writing, temperatures are hitting the 40 degrees and more!
I can feel my skin melting on the ground.

But apart from that, June has been a nice month, now, let me tell you why exactly:

My artsy self has been crying for months now. I've missed painting and drawing so so much and I can't believe I used to do it daily back when I was a teenager. I liked that peaceful moment that came with the colouring and the planning my next sketch. I loved it.
That is why the moment I went shopping with my parents and saw this beautiful big white sketchbook I heard my artsy soul screaming in excitement. 
I obviously picked that big boy up, paid for it and brought it home.
 I won't lie to you, I haven't used it yet but I may have used one single paper for my novel plotting.

If you have been reading my posts lately, you'd know I've been travelling every day for two weeks for therapy. It was awful at the beginning because I get car sick but as soon as I got used to the travelling part, it was nice to have those two hours of looking at the trees from the car window and people, I think I saw the best sunset I have ever witnessed in my life.
But the point is, I finished therapy. My doctor says I'm fine now, my throat is fine but I still have some problems which may be related to my eating habits. Gotta change those too.
I'm not gonna lie, apart from those breathtaking sunsets, finishing therapy was like being done with school. I'm free now.

I bloody love being one with nature.
I'm pretty sure I was some kind of witch in another life because it's insane how great I feel every time I have my hands dirty and my head up on the trees.
I bought my first ever avocado and sadly, to all your bloggers' horror, I didn't like a bit.
I, although, took that massive tennis ball of a seed, stuck four toothpicks on each side, put it in a glass of water and let it grow.
It's a month old now and it's doing very well.
I also bought some daisies seeds and planted them. Little green buds are starting to grow and I am taking care of them daily, with water and plenty of sun.
My green thumb is happy.

Not being able to sit at my desk and type gave me troubles. I felt sick in my stomach and I couldn't wait for some free time to spend writing, more specifically, working on my book.
Yes, I am writing a book (or maybe three?) and I am SO EXCITED!
To get back into it, after months of being away from it, I followed some writing sprints on Twitter (Adam Silvera aka the absolute babe and Susan Dennard are hosting them every day on their Twitter accounts and you should all follow them!) especially the NaNoWriMo ones are really helpful.
To top it all, I'm also stalking Victoria Schwab on Twitter because she's the master of writing motivation. She makes me feel like I could really make it into the publishing world and have my book out there. She's a gem in everything she does.

I have already talked about my time spent in the car for two hours every day, driving back and forth from home to somewhere nearby. 
Now, I hated the drive from home to the doctor because the sun was high up in the sky and it was hot and I didn't like it a bit but the drive back was all worth it.
I witnessed the most beautiful, breathtaking sunsets of my entire life and I found myself wishing I had to do the drive for more days on.
Whenever I saw the sky slowly turning a deeper blue with orange and pink shadows, I immediately put my earphones on, blasted Sia, turn the window down and enjoyed that spectacular moment with my hair in the wind and a huge smile on my face.
No lie, I may have cried a bit from how beautiful it was.

Yes, I went back to ginger. No regrets there, not even a tiny one.
I am naturally blonde but I've always felt that my hair had something different in it. I was blonde but I totally felt ginger so I did it.
It's not my first time dying my hair, I did it before: blonder, brunette, ginger even and out of all of them, I feel more myself with some kind of orange sparkle on my head.
I feel great in it.

If you have never tried it, you're seriously missing out.
Almond oil is so beneficial for everything you could possibly think of: skin, hair, pain, dark circles, burnouts, pimples, you name it, almond oil can solve it.
I've had a bottle of it for a while and we used it for redness and stuff but I actually found out it is also good for my skin! I WAS SHOCKED!
I've been having the worst skin ever, dry and red and bleah and I bought a morning cream for it but I wanted something to put on during night time so while I was having my well-deserved sleep, my skin was also in good hands, ya know?
What I do now is putting a bit of almond oil all over my face, especially on those critical areas and leave it there. My skin is so much softer now!
I'm also using almond oil as a mask for my hair! If you want to know how I do it (and for what else I use almond oil) leave a comment below and I will tell you!

June has been noce to me. Not great or "OMG AMAZING!" but better than other months.
This month I'm turning 25 (I'm trying not to freak out while I'm writing this!) and I can't wait for the day to come and go. I'm not huge on birthdays, you know?
I like getting cards and texts and go out but without making a huge deal out of it.
I really hope you're all having a nice Summer so far!
Let me know what your plans are and if you're planning on coming to Italy, let me know!!

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