August 01, 2017

Whether you like it or not, blogging is a thing. More and more people today want to have a blog and that's because it's for everyone. Don't mind those who tell you that you have to be good at it because it's not true. Take me, for example, I'm not good at it, but I'm doing it and boy if I love it. And believe me, it may surprise you the number of people who actually read what you have to say.
All it takes is a passion for something and the games are on!

When I started blogging I was 17 and all I did was talking about my day, my friends, what happened with the boy I used to fancy and that was it. It was an online journal I could easily write on and share my life with others. It was fun. It still is.

Today is different. Yes, people are still sharing their pieces of life with an audience but a lot of them are thousands of steps ahead, treating their blog as a business and starting companies from nothing. They're not special people blessed with some skills from some ancient greek god. Those are people like me, like you, who believe in their passions and make a living out of it.
And guess what? Flash news: you can do it too!

I'm not here to tell you why, because honestly I'd love someone to tell me how I can get that far, but if you're just starting out and you want some points to follow just to know if you're doing the right thing, here I am, sharing that piece of cake with you.
So pen in hands and let's start!

If you have a passion you want to share with people, then do it. If you like books, makeup, fashion, if you're into whatever makes your heart race, writing about it won't be hard and you're here for the right reasons.
If you're starting blogging because your friend started blogging and the world started blogging but you blog about things you don't actually care, don't even bother.
You will find it very hard and uninspiring because if you don't have that something that makes you say "I wanna talk about it to my friends online!" or "I can't wait to share it with people" then you're here for nothing. Blogging may seem simple but it's not. It requires dedication, sleepless nights, frustrating mornings and lots of patience.

One day you're writing about how great that book was and then "SNAP!" the Internet doesn't work or nobody seems to be interested in what you wrote. It happens. All you have to do is be confident enough in yourself to keep doing what you're doing and never stop for anything.

if you need it.
If you're struggling with something, do not get frustrated and stop blogging because you think you can't do it. Ask for help instead. Ask your friends about some topics they'd love to read online or ask some other bloggers that are into the blogging biz for a while.
Never despair, asking help is not the same as admitting you're weak, it's being human, and being human happens to be awesome!
(You can ask me for help anytime you want!)

I'm not gonna lie here so listen carefully. In the blogging world, if you don't have at least a Twitter account, Pinterest and Instagram, you're no one.
Sorry, no sugar coating here.
Let's say you blogged about something and want to share it, how do you think you'll do it without Twitter? 
And what if people really like your blog, how will they contact you? How will you make bloggers friends? That's right unless you have at least Twitter, you can't.
It's even harder if you live in cities where there are not many blogger events you can attend! So, my advice is, hop on Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, it may be confusing a bit at the beginning but you'll be fine and you will meet lots of people who are in the same boat as you, trust me!

Now, if you're from some place out of this World, chances are, you will never get the chance to speak to other bloggers face to face, I understand it. I live away from all the networking places at the moment and it's hard to see on Twitter people who finally met after being friends online and you're watching those pictures with chips in your mouth and big teary eyes. I get it.
If you're from London or New York or somewhere big and you have the chance to go to those events, go! Don't think about it even for a second. You will go. That's how you do it.
If you're not from those places, you can network online. Twitter is the best (so is Instagram but Twitter has a special place in my heart). I met so many people there I get to speak to every single day and I met so many bloggers that I can now call friends!
Isn't it amazing? 
Network. Network. Network!


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